I'm Chris O'Donnell, and you are at O'DonnellWeb, which is one of the oldest continually running personal web sites on the Internet. I launched on 12/31/1995, and the site has been online ever since. There is much more at my blog, or you can email me.

What I Do

I got my first job with a web design firm in early 1996, and I've been working on the web ever since. I'm a business development guy by trade, although I'm a business development guy that isn't afraid of the Linux command line (I'm running Debian Jessie, Linux Mint, and Puppy Linux on various machines). I do business development work for a cool Drupal shop. Get in touch if I can help with something.


Who I Am

I already mentioned that I'm a biz dev guy in the open source world. I'm also a husband, father, Boilermaker, Red Sox fan, Saints fan (Southampton), craft beer nerd, and unrepentant fan of 80s metal, currently residing in Fredericksburg VA.


My Life

I work to live, I don't live to work.