Chris O'Donnell

Husband. Parent. Favorite human of a Jackshund.

  • I'm Chris O'Donnell, and you are at O'DonnellWeb, which is one of the oldest continually running personal web sites on the Internet. I launched on 12/31/1995, and the site has been online ever since.
  • I got my first job with a web design firm in early 1996, and I've been working on the web ever since. I'm a business development guy by trade, although I'm a business development guy that is way more comfortable in Linux than Windows.
  • When not writing web site design proposals you can find me on the trails in Shenandoah National Park, or on a beach at the other side of the state, or at the stadium cheering on the Richmond Flying Squirrels or Richmond Kickers, or maybe at a local pub enjoying a pint with friends.